JoyGi Moment

Khusus untuk halaman ini, Novi membuat untuk Joy dan Seulgi yang mana merupakan pasangan favorit kedua setelah JoyRene. Novi berusaha mengumpulkan dan membuat kumpulan video moment disaat Joy dan Seulgi saling berinteraksi satu sama lain. Novi menyukai interaksi dari Joy dan Seulgi saat mereka melakukan debut broadcast radio di SBS KimChangRyul’s Old School Radio. Mereka terlihat saling mengisi satu sama lain dan terlihat mampu menghidupkan suasana. Meskipun agak sulit mengumpulkan JoyGi atau SeulJoy Moment, Novi akan berusaha mengumpulkan dan membuat video tentang JoyGi Moment.

Novi adalah pemula dan sama sekali tidak profesional. Maka dari itu, Novi meminta maaf jika hasil editing yang Novi buat tidak sesuai dengan harapan dari teman-teman semua. Semua video tentang JoyGi ini murni hanya untuk hiburan semata. Semoga teman-teman semua menyukainya ^^ Gbu~


 [140806] SBS KimChangRyul’s Old School Radio

Joy and Seulgi requested DJ DOC’s Song – Summer Story

Joy “When we are practicing, we would listen to fun music and dance to it.”

[140813] From Naver

Joy “When i was having a hard time during our training years, you taught me how to sing and tought me how to dance TT i’m really thankful~ Teach me more in the future, I Love You~~.” & “Seulgi unnie looked like a cute squirrel>< (Sorry unnie…^^) Unnie is a cutie! We’re doing promotions together so I think she’s a strong unnie on the inside who was able to endure long trainee days!”

Seulgi “A cutie like joy~ I think even your name suits you well~ Thank you for listening to the unnies~ Let’s do well in the future!!.” & “Joy is young but very mature so it was slightly hard to come near her. But as you can see, she’s a cute and lovely maknae~!!”

 Trans by @Redvelvettrans

[140926] From TheStar Chosun

 Q: The 4 of you are sharing 1 room together, who would you want to share a room for 2 with?

Seulgi “Joy. Wendy and Irene unnie are sensitive. I think Joy & I will be comfortable with each other.”

Joy “Seulgi Unnie. Once she falls asleep, she won’t ever wake up! It’s alright even if i won’t be careful in the morning when i leave (kekeke).”

 Trans by @Redvelvettrans

 [140923] From Metro Seoul

Joy “Seulgi unnie is very strong internally. When I’m upset it can show up on my face, but Seulgi unnie is never like that. During practice she would always do her best so I thought she was a really cool sunbae. She’s skilled in singing and dancing, and there’s so much I can learn from her. However, I liked her even more because she would treat me like I was her younger sister.”

 Trans by jinhee @fyeah-redvelvet! at tumblr

[141205] From IZE Magazine Vol.8 December 2014

Q: That’s the youngest’s job. How does she mess around? 
Wendy, “And we’re short so Joy always goes, “Hey, our Seulgi~ So cute”.”
Q: What’s it like getting three older sisters at once?
Joy, “I have younger sisters so I was always the older one. I struggled with depending on others and asking for help. At the beginning of my trainee period, do they call it my way? I tried to do everything on my own. The other members were probably frustrated with me. I didn’t talk, and I tried to figure everything out on my own. While I was doing so, the other unnies came by and helped me out one by one, and so I thought this is why they say having an older sister is good. The members all have their own style as well. Wendy unnie is lively, and she takes care of everything individually. Seulgi unnie understands me like a friend. Irene unnie is quiet, but she takes care of everything in the back. Now when there’s something difficult, I ask them for help. I feel like we’ve become a real family.”

 Trans by jinhee @fyeah-redvelvet! at tumblr

[150330] SBS KimChangRyul’s Old School Radio

Q: If you were a guy, which member would you find most attractive?

Joy said if she’s a guy, she’ll choose Seulgi unnie because whenever she’s cold, Seulgi will suddenly say “come here!” and share her coat (Translated by redjuhye0n @ Twitter).

Seulgi “I want to go to school with Joy. she’s fun!” (Translated by redjuhye0n @ Twitter).

Joy “Seulgi. Whenever I’m cold, she opens her coat and say “get in here”. Joy “Seulgi unnie sometimes can be really mannish. Generally she’s really cute. Very attractive” (Translated by XiongBao @ Twitter).

[150421] MBC FM4U Sunny’s FM Date

Q: Don’t you get jealous of each other?

Joy, “I really am jealous that Seulgi doesn’t gain weight. She eats toasted bun a lot but she (Seulgi) doesn’t gain any weight” (Translated by baechublossom @ Twitter).

Seulgi, “Her talents. She’s a smooth talker. Very slick, so full of wit” (Translated by XiongBao @ Twitter).


[Fan] In the morning of Joy’s birthday, Joy, Wanie, and Joohyun unnie met at the kitchen, but what was Seulgi doing?

[Joy] Sleeping

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] Unnie, what midnight snack would be good?

[Seulgi] Midnight snack… ofcourse chicken.. 

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] Pikachu looks like Seulgi unnie right? (picture)

[Joy] Pikachu is cuter. Pikachu , i’m sorry that you’ve been compared to Seulgi unnie.. hahahaha….

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] My nickname is “our baby Seulgi”. What should i change it to? Suggestion please~

[Joy] Our big dumb bear

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] Doong (Joy) said she’s in-charge of being genius girl when she was in elementary. What kind of girl was Seulgi unnie in-charge of?

[Seulgi] kekekekeke Joy said she’s a genius girl? Whee did that lie come from kekekekeke I’m the popular girl..?

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] I got curious when i saw this picture, what were you doing here? /sends this (photo)/

[Joy] I think i was saying i got bitten by a mosquito.. What was i doing….

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] Hing ㅜ Genius girl changed her display picture ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Challenging popular girl again!

[Seulgi] I changed mine too.! The triplets are so cute ㅜㅜㅜ

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] Two bears are caught on the screen /Sends (photo)/

[Seulgi] Ha…………………. Park Jwoy………………. You’ve given me a huge humiliation……

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] This isn’t to much but please eat a lot (?) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know if you are ate a lot (Sending picture)

[Seulgi] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah what should i do ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll eat this well.. Nom nom nom

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] It’s Bear Seulgi’s Birthday, are you just going to sleep? Haha..

[Joy] Of course not! I wrote a letter, bought a gift and cupcakes for her haha..

Translated by @redvelv_UFO & @redjuhye0n

~ ~ ~ ~

Seulgi change her UFO Profile Picture with Joy’s Picture for celebrate her 20th Birthday on 03 September 2015.


[Fan] How great it’d be if my life was just about you.. I wish my life could be just about fangirling.. Scholl *sobs
[Seulgi] Here’s a picture of Joy~!! Adult Park Sooyoung

[Fan] Unnie it’s fall already. How was your summer? Wish you a pleasant fall
[Seulgi] Today’s SY’s Birthday SY is 20 years old!!! She says she’s 19 western age


[Seulgi] Look at Joy’s picture and have a good sleep~!!!


[Fan] Sooyoung Sooyoung I miss Sooyoung
[Seulgi] It’s SY’s birthday~!!!! I’ll pass your message~!! That you miss her~!

Translated by @RVSeulgi_Trans



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JoyGi – Love and Hate  || Youtube ||

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[FMV] JoyGi – My First Love || Youtube || Youtube2 ||

Note: Mungkin ada beberapa video yang tidak bisa dibuka karena diblock dibeberapa negara oleh Youtube.


You can visit my special website for JoyGi couple, i’ll  try for update anything about JoyGi at here


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