JoyDy Moment

Khusus untuk halaman ini, Novi membuat akan berusaha membuat dan mengumpulkan beberapa video untuk Joy dan Wendy. Novi akan berusaha mengumpulkan dan membuat kumpulan video moment disaat Joy dan Wendy saling berinteraksi satu sama lain. Dikarenakan Novi bukan fans berat JoyDy dan moment JoyDy sendiri sangatlah jarang terjadi maka kemungkinan besar kumpulan video JoyDy Moment yang Novi punya akan sedikit dibandingkan dengan pasangan JoyRene dan JoyGi moment yang Novi buat sebelumnya.

Interaksi Wendy dan Joy lebih cenderung seperti hubungan relasi antara ibu dan anak. Wendy sangat peduli dan bahkan seringkali membuatkan makanan maupun bekal makanan untuk Joy yang mana masih bersekolah. Joy juga sering mengatakan bahwa Wendy seperti seorang ibu, karena Wendy sering mendengarkan semua permasalahan Joy. Wendy juga senang disaat Joy sering mengatakan bahwa masakan yang dibuatnya enak.

Moment JoyDy yang sering kali terlihat adalah disaat ending stage apa music show, terkadang mereka akan berdiri berdampingan satu sama lain. Untuk skinship Novi masih belum menemukan banyak koleksi video dari interaksi JoyDy. Semoga kedepannya Novi bisa menemukan interaksi yang lucu diantara Joy dan Wendy dan bisa mensharingkannya disini.

Novi adalah pemula dan sama sekali tidak profesional. Maka dari itu, Novi meminta maaf jika hasil editing yang Novi buat tidak sesuai dengan harapan dari teman-teman semua. Semua video tentang JoyDy ini murni hanya untuk hiburan semata. Semoga teman-teman semua menyukainya ^^ Gbu~


[140813] From Naver

Joy “Mom!! KK Wendy unnie~ Thank you so much for taking cafe of me like my mom. Let’s be each other’s strength in the future!! I love you”.

Wendy “Our maknae ~! You know that there’s no younger sister for me than you right? Let’s become a great strength for each other until the end! Our cute maknae! Unnie treasures you and likes you a lot! Thank you always! Joy Fighting!! Red Velvet fighting!”

Translated by @Redvelvettrans

[141205] From IZE Magazine Vol.8 December 2014

Q: Does she buy you delicious things?
Joy, “Not too long ago, she bought me fried octopus ddukbokki. It was really good. What really touched me was when the members made seaweed soup and a lot of other food for my birthday. I had to get up early that day because of school”.
Wendy, “We just took out side dishes we had. And cooked some seaweed soup”. (laughs )
Joy, “Did I juts get touched on my own?”

 Trans by jinhee @fyeah-redvelvet! at tumblr

[141112] From KBS World 

Q: Which member is most like the mother figure?

Joy “I even tried bread that Wendy made herself. It was really good. She cooks for us often and helps me with my personal problems. Wendy is like a mom to me.”

Wendy “Thank you. I’ll do my best.”

Translated by KBS World Radio

[150330] SBS KimChangRyul’s Old School Radio

Q: If you were a guy, which member would you find most attractive?

Wendy, “Joy. I’m Joy’s fan.”

[150401] SBS Radio Power FM ‘Lee Guk Joo Young Street’

Q: Wathcing in TV, i’m not sure about IQ. But, what do the members think? Who has the highest IQ? Please give some reasons!

Wendy, “Joy. She talks really well depends on the situation and that time, she did well in studying too. Her nickname is a Genius Girl. She’s good in the studying and MCing, even just between us, when she’s MCing, she knows what she’s doing.

Translated by hunseuls @ Youtube

[150421] MBC FM4U Sunny’s FM Date

Q: Don’t you get jealous of each other?

Wendy, “Joy’s sense and her grandness. Yes, she’s very cool. I’m her fan! Wendy is Joy’s fan!”

Joy, “I’m envious of Wendy Unnie’s meticulous personality”.

Translated by Baechu Blossom @ Dailymotion


[Fan] Who’s the best cook?

[Joy] That’s our Wendy eomma! Irene unnie is also really good [at cooking]!

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] Who found out about ‘Wendy became a mom” and how? (Did you fnd about it) as you were searching your name?

[Wendy] Our maknae Joy.. found it and gifted it to me!

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] I’m lately hooked into “on the day after break up” What song does Joy like the most out of Red Velvet songs?

[Joy] We don’t have many songs yet TT I like Wendy unnie’s solo song.. Wendy ❤

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] I heard a rumor about RV.. Joy will be an adult and Irene will turn half of 50 in 4 days..? No way ;;; ;;;

[Wendy] kekekeke… Why is it so funny.. You said it right.. I think it’s because there are a lot of times when Joy is like the unnie and Irene unnie is like the youngest… hahaha

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan] /send a derp (picture) of Wendy)/ Unnie is so cute

[Joy] hehehehehehehe so cute hehehehehehe i’m a super fan of Wendy

~ ~ ~ ~

[Fan to Joy] Is it true that you’re a super fan of Seungwan unnie? I’m sorry but Seungwan unnie is mine hahahahahaha /countinue from this (photo)/

[Wendy] Hmm… that laugh of joy… it’s not a laugh because she finds me cute.. it’s because she finds me very funny..!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Translated by @redvelv_UFO & @redjuhye0n


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