Naver VApp Hidden Track Number V (히든트랙넘버브이) – WENDY


첫번째 로 선정된 아티스트는 바로 입니다! 그리고 이들을 소개할 키맨은 바로 라는 사실 두 달 동안 네 사람이 만들어갈 음악 케미를 기대해주세요~


Wendy and Luna have been chosen as Hidden Track No.V ‘Keyman” of February and March 2018. They will present two like-a-gem rookies to you. PERC%NT is a singer-songwriter who has a great skills at lyrics, composition, arrangement and even producing. Yoo YongMin appeared on Mnet in 2015. Yoo is a promising rookie with his sweet voice and sensitivity (Source via Naver).

Hidden Track Number V consists of ‘key man’ and ‘locker’. The point of the show is for the ‘key man’ to introduce the ‘locker’. This will be done through a course of 2 months. All 4 will put on a special live together and at the end of 8 weeks release a ‘hidden track’ single (Source and Translated from warmblue0221).



Luna (f(x)) [KeyMan]

Wendy (Red Velvet) [KeyMan]

Yoo YongMin [Locker]

PERC%NT [Locker]



[180206] Check-In Live || VApp || at 8PM (KST)

[180208] [Replay] Luna X Yoo YongMin & Wendy X PERC%NT Check-in LIVE || Vapp ||

Compilation Episode – without live performance || Link ||



|| Hidden Track No.V ||

|| Campaign ||

For more detail you can following the official website