[FASHION] Red Velvet’s Style from Meters/bonwe CF


|| Irene’s Coat || Irene’s Sweaters ||


|| Seulgi’s Skirts || Seulgi’s Coats – Jackets ||


|| Wendy’s Sweaters – Pullover || Wendy’s Shirts ||


|| Seulgi’s  Sweatshirts – Cardigan Sweater || Dresses ||


|| Irene’s Pants – Knitting casual trousers || Joy’s T-shirt || Irene’s Coats – Jackets || Irene’s Adult bag – Clutch ||

Wendy & Yeri (1)

|| Wendy’s Coats – Jackets || Wendy’s Hoodies – Hedging Sweater ||  Yeri’s Coats – Jackets || Yeri’s Long Sleeve T-shirt || Wendy’s Adult Bag – Messenger Bags ||

Wendy & Yeri (2)

|| Hoodies – Hedging Sweater ||

Joy & Yeri

|| Joy’s Sweaters – Cardigan || Joy’s Hoodies – Hedging Sweater || Joy’s Adult Bag – Messenger Bags || Yeri’s Coats – Jackets ||

Seulgi & Joy

|| Seulgi’s Coats – Jackets || Joy’s Coats – Jackets || Joy’s Trousers – Casual Shorts (?) ||


|| Seulgi’s Jackets || Wendy’s Jackets || Joy’s  Sweatshirts – Cardigan Sweater || Yeri’s Jackets ||

|| Seulgi & Joy’s Adult Bag – Clutch ||

Source all picture from banggo

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[160624] Irene (Red Velvet (레드벨벳)) & Park Bo Gum (박보검) Cover Yu Seung Woo (유승우) X OoHyo (우효) – 45.7cm Line (선)

Picture edited by NoviLimz

Irene (Red Velvet) yang mana ditunjuk menjadi pengganti Bora (SISTAR) sebagai MC baru KBS Music Bank, hari ini pada tanggal 24 Juni 2016 melakukan special stage bersama patner MCnya Park Bo Gum (박보검) sebagai acara perpisahan sebagai MC Music Bank. Irene dan Park Bo Gum menampilkan pertunjukan dengan berduet bersama di KBS Music Bank. Mereka mengcover ulang lagu milik Yu Seung Woo (유승우) X OoHyo (우효) – 45.7cm Line (선).

Source Original Video KBS World TV

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[180208] Red Velvet @ Mnet MCoutndown

Source Original Video from Mnet K-POP



Source Original Video from M2


Red Velvet (10032 pts) vs IKON (7896 pts)

Congratulations for Red Velvet Win for the first time at MCountdown and become the Bad Boy 2nd Win.

Today Red Velvet already doing their Goodbye Stage for their Bad Boy Promotion at Music Show.

Thanks for all ReVeLuv who already do the best with watching their Official Music Video, Streaming and downloading their song from official music website from South Korea and even votes for Red Velvet.

ReVeLuvs is the best!

Let’s keep support or Red Velvet until they comeback with their new songs!