[Thank You] For vote Red Velvet at MAMA 2016 – Red Velvet Not attending MAMA 2016

Despite the fact our Red Velvet is not attending MAMA 2016, i’ll says Thank you for everyone who already spend your time (everyday) for give vote to our Red Velvet. Even they lead the votes and become no.1 in each catagory (best female & best dance performance – female) but because vote system only 20% and the fact they’re not attending that awards. So, for anything the result at MAMA2016, let’s keep support our Red Velvet. No need do fanwar with another fandom. Because we know that MAMA is awards that given if the artist attending on that events.

We already do the best for Red Velvet. Thanks for showing your love for Red Velvet. If you saw someone said that Red Velvet got so many votes because EXO-L etc no need be angry. We must says Thank You for all SM family who give their votes for our Red Velvet too. Same like us (Red Velvet fans), we already give our votes for all SM Family too! That’s win-win solution and we already do our best. Because they’re (other fandom) do the same! They need help from another fandom (fans who support their favorite idol who from same company with them) for votes their favorite idol too. So yeah, don’t listen and don’t make fanwar (Red Velvet will sad if they know we start fighting with another fandom). Let’s wait our Red Velvet babies at another awards. We can send our votes for our Red velvet at another event too (not only at MAMA). So, let’s votes Red velvet again.

So, the last is THANK YOU SO MUCH! We don’t need give vote for Red Velvet again. They’re not attending and maybe not get any awards from MAMA2016. Let’s enjoy our time and votes Red Velvet at another event than listen and joined at stupid fanwar. For everyone who want give votes for Red Velvet at SBS Gayo Daejun 2016, you can download the application at iTunes and Android. Vote for Red Velvet using that applications. Let’s do our best for Red Velvet.

Once again, don’t joined fanwar! Just focus at Red Velvet! If you loves Red Velvet, then you must focus at Red Velvet which watching their Music Video (please watching at official channel) or download/streaming live at melon/genie/mnet/naver/bugs/soribada/monkey3/etc than make stupid fanwar with another fandom. Please more focus at Red Velvet. Thank you so much! Let’s do the best for our Red Velvet! Gbu~


If you want give support to Taeyeon, Taemin, EXO and NCT who come at MAMA2016. They are the SM Family who will come and maybe get some awards from MAMA2016. You can streaming MAMA2016 for give support at them. If not, better we watching Red Velvet Music Video again and again. Have a nice day ^^


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