I’ll Create New Youtube Account

Today is a bad day for me. I’ll give you information that i’ll create new youtube account, because my youtube account “limzhui” has been terminated because 3 copyright strikes from JYP, Twice masternim and the last one from NAVER. My youtube account is consist with Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet and Twice video. But sadly, my youtube account takedown because copyright strikes almost about twice video. From this experiment, i’ll try to make different youtube account. Same like i make different blog for Girls’ Generation (psychofriend.wordpress.com), Red Velvet (novilimzloveredvelvet.wordpress.com) and for Twice (novilimzlovetwice.wordpress.com), so i’ll try to create three youtube account for each idol. If i’m still unlucky and got copyright strikes again at my new channel, at least another video from another idol not takedown or got delete too, because i’m kinda regret about that.

So, for you who want to watching my editing video all about JoyGi/JoyRene/JoyRi/JoyDy please wait, because i must reupload the video one by one at my new channel. I hope you understand with my situation. So, if you can’t find the video from the article which has been posted by me in this Blog or at my Website, you already know the reason why the video suddenly dissappear. For this moment, you can visit and watching my editing video at Youku/Tudou. That’s my little information, sorry about that and i hope you guys will understand with my situation. Thank You and Have a nice day ^^ gbu~


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