My New Blog for TWICE

Finally i made my finally decision! I made another blog for Twice! Maybe that blog will not complete like this blog (My blog for Red Velvet). That’s because i don’t have a time to manage all my blog, website or my channel at Youtube. Now, i really busy because i must extra working hard for my family especially for my mother after my father died because his illness. I really sad about that. Btw, for Twice blog maybe i’ll update their variety show/video only and i’ll share my editing video all about DaNa couple (Dahyun x Sana) at my blog. For my editing video, i’ll try hard to add all source from fancam/video/picture and add a little information about anything i used on my editing video. So, you can visit at the owner site for saving HD picture/watching their fancam or video.

I’m so sorry i can’t publish my special website for Joy. I made that website for my giant baby but i can’t continue my project because i must accompany my father at hospital until he died. Now, i really busy so i don’t know i when i have free time for continue my project for Joy. I’ll publish my special website for Joy but i think i need a time. I make another blog for TWICE because Dahyun caught my attention since she appeared on Stop It Stop It – Got7 [MV]. I have interest with Dahyun x Sana couple that’s why i started collecting their videos/pictures. I already share article/post about twice in this blog but with private mode. I thought that’s not efficient if i share TWICE video/pictures in here (at my special blog for Red Velvet) so i made special blog for twice.

That’s my information for you. If you have some intertest like me, maybe you can visit at my other blog for twice too.
Have a nice day! Gbu~

>> novilimzlovetwice <<


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