Red Velvet 2016 Season Greeting

Good news for all Red Velvet fans!! Now you can pre-order for Red Velvet 2016 Season Greeting. That’s contains with:

  1. 캘린더 (Calendar 2016) : 216×280 (mm) / 28 pages
  2. 스케줄러 (Scheduler) : 134×194 (mm) / 192 pages
  3. 포토북 (Photobook) : 134×194 (mm) / 32 pages
  4. 미니 캘린더 (Mini Calendar) : 58×88 (mm) / 12 pages
  5. 패키지 (Package) : 310x230x56 (mm)

The price +/- started around ₩ 35.000,- You can start doing pre-order via Sinnara or searching at your favorite shop which sell all merchandise all about K-Pop in your country. If you have more money, you can give support Red Velvet with buying their goodies like their “Red Velvet 2016 Season Greeting”. But, if you don’t have more money don’t force yourself to buying Red Velvet goodies or make your parents spend their money for you. You still can give support in another way ^^ so don’t worry! Once again, you can started pre-order “Red Velvet 2016 Season Greeting” at your favorite online shop in your country with your own moneybox. Have a nice day!! ^^ gbu~



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