Why some Knetz/Haters/Antis always mention Joy again and again on their post?

Today, once again! The big question in my mind is, Why some of you always mention Joy again and again? Always posting and write something bad about her again and again? Why always criticism her again and again? What’s wrong with you? If she doing something bad in your real life until you hate her so bad like that? huh?

First, why you always saying she is fat? Gosh~ I don’t know with your perspective, but if we have different perspective i can’t says anything BUT i sees her as healthy girl. She have a good body; not skinny and not fat. If in the korea standart if the girl looks beautiful and sexy is SKINNY i can’t argue with your standart. But in my culture, she REALLY have a good body and she still not include on category fat. If the korean people jugde someone fat just because she have a cubby face, she doesn’t have 11 abs or she have thicker thighs, i can’t says anything again. The problem between us is we have a different value and judgement to see someone is into the category of sexy, fat or skinny. For me, Joy already have good proporsional body, not fat nor over skinny and that’s really healthy and that’s my body goals.

“just now, I watched their V-app

 before, I have always though that Red Velvet members were super nice..b
especially Seulgi, Wendy and Irene.
those three are really so niceㅠㅜ
but Joy.. she was always unpleasant and she was making it so obvious
her personality looks..kinda.. she kinda looks always tired and annoyed?
first of all, she’s so greedy for her camera time.
Seulgi, Wendy and Irene are her unnies but when they are the ones being filmed, she always sticks her head in front of the camera..;
I like them all but I noticed it from constantly seeing her..ㅋ

..Irene is really pretty..

!! when other members are being filmed, please don’t stick your head inㅜㅜ right now, I want to see all the other members except from you…
also they were just randomly dancing but does she need to stand out so much?

there were instances that were way worse than those but it’s hard to take the right screencapsㅠㅠ

 I wouldn’t mention it if if wasn’t that bad but even Irene who’s always nice looked a bit.. annoyed? 
from what I see, the unnie-line are really saintsㅇㅇalso she looks kinda disrespectful towards her unnies

that day, because of Joy and Yeri, Seulgi didn’t get a lot of camera time… so the other unnies telling Yeri and Joy at the back to let Seulgi shine a bit, but they were pretending not to hear and kept bouncing off everywhere.. 

 anyways, Seulgi finally got the camera for herself and she was doing some aegyo fan service but Joy suddenly shows up with a straight faceㅋㅋ isn’t she too much??? and since Seulgi left, she said “banana milk~~^^” and was pretending to be all cute.. she seriously shouldn’t act like that

Yeri just seems like the kid who’s always tired..

during Happiness, she wasn’t like that so why is she acting like that now?? is it just me.?

she really wants to be in front of the camera and stand out..
I like RV so I hope that the maknae line becomes more careful!”

Source from Panchoa via PANN

The last, why you always digging up her attitute on V app? First you talked about her attitude on 1st broadcast and now you talked about her attitude on 4th broadcast! What’s wrong with you? Are you still new or what? If you old fans who already stans RV from the start you must be knowing their personality too. Once again, Joy is someone who kinda have extrovert personality. She really easy-going and really straightforward. She is the one who didn’t afraid joking with her older members, but her consequent is she always get hit by the leader. That’s vice versa right? But that’s her true personality. If she always smile you said she has fake smile. When she not smile, you said she not appreciate her fans. When she become who is she, you said she is over, attention seeker and rude to other members. When she calm and stay quite you said bitch look her act she must felt sorry to Seulgi/Irene/Wendy etc. If you said she is the attention seeker on the group is your opinion. But that’s her personality, she really active and free. She will kinda calm down if she really tired like on 3rd broadcast.

When you said “when other members are being filmed, please don’t stick your head inㅜㅜ right now” HOLYSHIT Do you not see that sometimes she just want to read your comment and stick her head close to camera and btw, she is member of Red Velvet too!?! Do you know is she really care with your existence who was online and watching their show? She JUST want to reading your comment. She care about you but you antis against her and kinda always searching her mistake! If no one RV members read your comment and don’t care with your existence, you will said they so arrogant and not care with their fans who already spend their time for watching their live broadcast show! It’s ok right if they didn’t care about you and don’t read your comment which you send to them at that moment? But as fans, we always want to try have a little communication with our idol with sending some comment like “unnie saranghae”, “unnie please say …….” etc if you lucky and they saw your comment they will immediately give some responds to you. But some knetz is different, they looks more different with their antique persepective. They make nothing become something BIG, that’s some knetz problem. So, what’s wrong with you??

I don’t know, someone who always posting and writing something bad about Joy is just random some Knetz? or someone from Irene/Seulgi/Wendy’s fans (coz you keep praise them and complain because your idol don’t have much screen time on the broadcast)? or the writer is truly from Joy’s antis/haters who always searching her mistake? I don’t know! If this is a game who planned by haters/antis to make RV image fall down? or This is the game which want to make Joy’s image fall down!

I just to remain you something. Don’t over to judge someone looks so bad, if you don’t know who they’re! We just fans. We never knows who are they in the real life! Don’t judge her so bad just because you hate her or jealous about her! Don’t talking and writing nonsense, because you will looks more stupid. If you don’t like her, that’s your choice and i’ll respect your choice. But please respect to another people who likes and loves her too, that’s my choice to fall with her attitude, talent and her appearance. If you said she not pretty, that’s your opinion. But in my eyes she is the pretty one and the funny one in Red Velvet.

I really hate and annoyed when someone always talking bad about Joy. if you complain why she always active and kinda thirsty about camera time, that’s your problem. Because one again, her personality is like that. If you want your favorite member get more spotlight, then you must make Irene/Seulgi/Wendy more active and don’t become a passive member. You can’t force someone who really introvert become extrovert like such as turning the palm of the hand. That’s need a time. Maybe next time Irene/Seulgi/Wendy will be growing and active to competitive with maknae lines to grab fans attention too. For me, that’s will be super weird if the older act like a child and fight over camera with the maknaes.

Irene already get attention with her visual. Seulgi already get attention with her powerfull voice & Wendy already get attention with her amazing vocal. Joy and Yeri need more attention too. Since Yeri joined Joy kinda have undefined position. Yeri already got position as MC at MuCore not long after she joined on RV but Joy don’t get much attention and screen time until she joined on WGM. But you still complain if the maknaes stole screen time from the unnie lines. Why? Joy and Yeri never can stole your favorite position, so don’t be afraid. Just please enjoy the show and try to understand who they’re! Don’t over thinking, because that’s not good for your healthy too.

That’s all my opinion & my perspective! You can agree or disagree. If knetz posting their opinion, i think i can posting my opinion too, right? If they sees from negative way, i’ll sees from positive way! That’s WIN WIN solution, right? Have a nice day! Think positive and be happy!! Gbu~


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