Just my opinion misunderstanding about JoyGi on their 1st broadcast

After Joy get bashed by Knetz because she paired with Sungjae on WGM, now you will see a lot article who really makes her image looks so bad. Rumor she have special relationship with Chanyeol (EXO), V (BTS) etc. Knetz always try make polling which make Joy include at that polling and try make fanwar between big fandom with her stans. Why people always drag Joy in their poll? Who is prettier between Joy versus Idol A.. Or Joy versus Idol B who known already senior than her and have hardcore fans who really anti with that topic? They’re pretty in their own style! Each person have different perspective to judge someone pretty or not, but both idol is pretty! impossible idol/actress not pretty.

Some knetz seems didn’t stop and always make another rumor and make misunderstanding about Joy and Seulgi relationship just from one video only. Now let’s talked about Joy and Seulgi video on RV 1st broadcast. If you really a new fans definitely you will see Joy kinda/really rude toward Seulgi, but from fans who following them since their debut i think that’s not really “rude” like your thinking now.

Ok, if you have opinion that Joy rude toward Seulgi on 1st broadcast it’s your opinion, and i don’t force you and says your opinion is wrong. But remember, i make clarification that Joy and Seulgi is close with each other. Their relationship is good. If Joy action toward Seulgi at that moment you said rude it’s ok, that’s just in your mind. If you said Seulgi and Joy seems not close with each other, it’s ok that’s just in your mind. BUT please try to watch another RV video too and don’t stop only at their 1st broadcast!! If from Happiness era until Dumb Dumb era Joy action toward Seulgi is same like what you see on 1st broadcast you can says 100% they’re not close with each other and Joy is rude toward Seulgi.

Once again, don’t judge them just from one video only. It’s same like you see someone hit another member from capture picture, gif or video but your don’t know what they do and what they talking about? What happening at the video because you clueless but directly judge something base from their action. Don’t judge and like directly says A bullying B because A hit B or vice versa. Maybe they’re joking with each other but you judge them really hard. Try to search and looking another video, if their relationship from the start is not good that high possibility one from them really rude with another. So now i’m kinda want to remain you to remember this video. And for you who doesn’t follows Joy and Seulgi from the start let’s searching and watch Joy and Seulgi relationship from this video:

[141106] JoyGi @ Arirang Pops In Seoul – New Secret Box

Joy to Seulgi

I want to set Seulgi up on a blind date. She’s very cute these days. She’s so cute. Her laughter is cte, too. There were many times when i thought about how adorable she was.

She’s more adorable than me!

Seulgi to Joy

Really? Thank you. But the most adorable member is you, Joy!

[141028] After School Club EP113 & [141029] After School Club After Show EP114

When Joy and Seulgi in the same team. They always together at the backstage. Seulgi who is the one who answer the question about Joy.

[141221] JoyGi @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2014

When they waiting the MC announcement the winner for Rookie Award, Seulgi try to make Joy calm down because she really nervous. That the moment who become iconic JoyGi moment and become special day for JoyGi shipper.

[150724] JoyGi @ Yin Yue Tai EP25

Joy to Seulgi

“Seulgi unnie please stop eating delicious foods at night The smell is hard on me”

translated by baechublossom

Seulgi to Joy

“Jjwah~yi! I get startled every time you talk in your sleep. You often smile in your sleep, something joyous must be happening in your dream? What kind of dream could it beee~?? Guest who i am~ Cheer up~ Fighting!”

translated by RVSeulgi_Trans

[150528] JoyGi @ Sina Weibo

Seulgi says something about Joy

She’s good at listening to concerns, she thinks deeply. She’s a friend that even i as an unnie lean on. She listens to you a lot and will share with you too.

[150810] JoyGi @ MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships

You will see a lot fancam and pictures which can make you thinking again, are they really not close with each other or they’re have good relationship with each other? If she not close with Joy then why Seulgi want doing skinship with Joy (backhug her in front of their fans)? Why she must tie Joy’s shoelaces? Why she really care to Joy if they are not close with each other? If Joy not close with Seulgi, then why they playing together and sitting close with each other? Huh?? Please explain your argument to me if you still believe they not close with each other!

[150903] JoyGi UFO Reply

Seulgi change her dispay picture on UFO and using Joy’s picture just for celebrate her birthday! She even replay UFO and always mention Joy birthday to her fans! So? If they not close with each other why she do that? Why? Or she just took an attention only? Of course they close with each other until Seulgi do that at Joy’s birthday! On 3 Sept, midnight they celebrate Joy’s birthday too~ If Seulgi hate Joy or they are not close with each other Seulgi can sleep like one years ago, but this year Seulgi do the best for not fall sleep on Joy’s Birthday. Do you still believe they are not close with each other?


[Fan] How great it’d be if my life was just about you.. I wish my life could be just about fangirling.. Scholl *sobs
[Seulgi] Here’s a picture of Joy~!! Adult Park Sooyoung

[Fan] Unnie it’s fall already. How was your summer? Wish you a pleasant fall
[Seulgi] Today’s SY’s Birthday SY is 20 years old!!! She says she’s 19 western age


[Seulgi] Look at Joy’s picture and have a good sleep~!!!


[Fan] Sooyoung Sooyoung I miss Sooyoung
[Seulgi] It’s SY’s birthday~!!!! I’ll pass your message~!! That you miss her~!

Translated by @RVSeulgi_Trans 

[150907] JoyGi @ Red Velvet 오방만족 1st live

If Seulgi not close with Joy then why?

  • Seulgi always standing side by side with Joy?
  • Seulgi always do skinship with Joy?
  • Seulgi sometimes always calling and mentions Joy’s name?
  • Why Seulgi not shout to Joy like what she did to Yeri?
  • Why Seulgi smiling after make annoyed face, and why not still mad and showing annoyed face to Joy, and showing that you don’t like it?
  • Why Seulgi and Joy buy the same banana milk together?
  • Why Seulgi keep following Joy when Joy want to search and buy her drink at the market?

If Joy not close with Seulgi then why?

  • Why Joy still listening Seulgi when she complain about sharing camera?
  • Why Joy try to adjust the selfie stick in her hands when she heard Seulgi complain and want Joy sharing the camera? Joy can do anything she want because she’s the one who hold the selfie stick, but you heard that and Joy directly says “I see, come here” to Seulgi.

[150908] JoyGi @ Red Velvet 오방만족 2nd live

If she don’t have good relationship with Seulgi, then why?

  • Why Joy and Seulgi sometimes caught standing side by side with each other?

After Joy drinking the red drink from Wendy, Seulgi only can watching and kinda confused then she asking something to Joy. If they don’t have a good relationship then why?

  • Seulgi asking something to Joy first before she drink the red drink from Irene when at that time Irene was standing near at her too?
  • Why she must asking to Joy and not at other members who standing near with her than asking to Joy?
  • Why Seulgi put her chin at Joy’s shoulders and why not Irene who standing near with her too?

When Joy said they sang songs with sincerity and with your heart, Seulgi at other side directly said “I can feel your heart!”. When key said “with bag hair, juhyeon looks like 12 years old” then Seulgi diractly said to Joy “Talk down to her. Change!!” But Yeri who the one said something to Irene. So? Do you still thinking they are not close with each other? They don’t have a good relationship with each other?

[150910] JoyGi @ Red Velvet 오방만족 3rd live

  • When Joy lean her chin toward Seulgi’s seat, Seulgi turning back and then she smiling at the camera. So they didn’t have good relationship?
  • When Joy said “I want to say something, but i’m not in a good condition”. Seulgi immediately turning back and watching Joy who sit at her back and she fanning Joy with her fan. When Seulgi turning back and watch the camera she make sad and crying facial expression and said “Cheer Up, Joy!” and she said at the viewer who watching the show “Comment please, Cheer Up Joy!”. So you still think that Joy and Seulgi have bad relationship with each other??
  • When Joy singing her part and said “I don’t have any wanna unnie” but Seulgi smiling and said “But you keep calling me cute!” while turn around looking and smiling to Joy. So? That’s still make you feel that Joy and Seulgi don’t have good relationship with each other??

[150913] JoyGi @ Red Velvet 오방만족 4th live

  • If Joy and Seulgi don’t have a good relationship with each other, then why Joy backhug Seulgi on that show?
  • Why they make weird facial together when they said the choreography of their new song (Dumb Dumb) is difficult?
  • Why they dancing together with their weird style?

So? Once again i asking you, are they really don’t have a good relationship with each other???


If they not close with each other then why you see a lot JoyGi moments at there? If knetz have opinion, then i’ll share my opinion too. My opinion maybe can wrong, but you can searching and do some research too. Seulgi in my eyes is kinda introvert person. She can’t really hyper if another member not stand around her. She is type who don’t really active doing skinship with another member but another member likes doing skinship with Seulgi. Seulgi kinda have good temperamen then another, she can restrain her emotion and still keep calm when the other member joking at her. That’s really different with Joy’s personality.

Joy personality is kinda extrovert and easy-going. Joy really straightforward and honest. Why when Yeri joined on group Joy and Yeri become more noisy than another member? Just information that in Dumb Dumb era, Joy and Yeri become roommates. Joy not sharing a room with Seulgi and Wendy again. That’s why Joy and Yeri become more close with each other. The gap between Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy, Irene is kinda huge. That’s unconscious make comfortable line between Unnie line and Maknae line. Joy and Yeri only has 2 years gap and they really have a similiar personality.

I think Joy sees Seulgi like a friend. Sometimes she can calling Seulgi without her status as unnie, or she can calling Seulgi as her unnie. She have sense of humor and don’t afraid to joking around with the older unnies on the group. If you still new, you must be weird when watching their show. Because you don’t know they (the maknaes) always joking like that with another members especially to their unnies. That’s why Irene sometimes always hitting Joy, because Joy always joking around.

I saw some fans complain that Seulgi don’t have much line and screen time because Joy & Yeri. Don’t forget she already have a lot line and screen time at Happiness, Be Natural and Ice Cream Cake. Why you so arogant? If you complain she don’t have a lot screen time at their 1st broadcast then please watching their another broadcast; 2nd, 3rd and 4th broadcast. You will see Seulgi at there! Each era have the main member who will get more screen, doesn’t mean visual/face who only the one who MUST have a lot screen time than another member. They have their own part. Please respect and accept the reality!

I really hate when someone seems make some misunderstanding between RV members. Don’t be so rude and harsh. Please remember idol have heart and emotional feeling too. They’re human who can read and hear anything outside there. If you don’t like one member of Red Velvet, better you not following her and avoid all about her than you must posting and comment something nonsense to her. Please be mature!

“Don’t judge the book by the cover!”

Don’t judge something just base from one video, one capture or one gif only! I know JoyGi not really popular than another OTP like WenRene, SeulRene or other pairings on RV. But they still have a good relationship with each other. For me when knetz/haters/antis said Joy and Seulgi not close with each other that is REALLY INVALID statement. That’s all i want to share in here. Thank you and please always give support Red Velvet!! Please don’t say Joy and Seulgi have a bad relationship or they not close with each other again.

It’s same like you joking with your friend. If you not close with your friends, i can make sure 95% you will afraid to joking with someone who not really close with you. If you comfortable with your friends, sometimes you can extreme joking around with your friends without know you already doing too far or not. They are same like us, maybe the different between Seulgi and Joy is they’re an idol who watched by us. Anything they do can be a good stuff for antis/haters/fans/reporters to make some good article/news/rumor. Please respect and don’t over thinking, please searching, watching and knowing their personality too before you talking bad about Joy and Seulgi. That’s my opinion. Thanks a lot and i hope you will understand. Have a nice day!!

(note: sorry for my grammar, but hope you understand! thanks)


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