[150603] Joy (Red Velvet) to join ‘We Got Married’

Ok, today 03 June 2015 we all hear that Joy (Red Velvet) to join ‘We Got Married’ as new couple with Yook SungJae (BtoB). I know she will appear at another program variety show, because we all know that Joy always appear with another Red Velvet member at variety show (example; Star King, Hello Counselor, etc). But honestly, i don’t have imagination that Joy will be joined ‘We Got Married’ with SungJae as new virtual couple.

That’s not bad, but i kinda shocked when i hear about their news. But we hear that today 03 June 2015, they will also recording their first meeting as new couple. I’m sad but happy in the same time. I thinking again and now i’ll keep support Joy (Red Velvet) because this is her first project for her individual variety show. I hope she can took opportunity as well and will grow up become more mature.

Joy become trending topic #1 and still at top ten trending topic at korean website like Naver, Nate, Daum, etc. We know this is second time Joy (Red Velvet) become hot topic at korean website. She become trending topic #1 when she was performing special stage for MBC Gayo Daejejun with Hayoung (APink) and Chanmi (AOA). Now she become trending topic again when the news about her joined We Got Married.

I’ll look forward their episode as well. I know Joy and Sungjae have unique personality. I hope they will show to us as viewer their hidden charm via We Got Married. As Red Velvet fans too, we will have opportunity seeing another member of Red Velvet appear at that show (maybe they will visit Joy and SungJae at their new house. Hope we can see Red Velvet dorm, or they will recording all Red Velvet activities when Joy was still filming WGM with SungJae, etc).

First episode Joy & Sungjae will aired on 20 June 2015, at 5PM (KST). Please don’t forget and try to streaming their first meeting. Let’s keep support Joy and Sungjae as new couple. If they have good chemistry with each other that’s will be good, but i’m personally never hope they will end up together as the real couple. So let’s be realistic (please don’t make our delulu take over the reality and doing something weird – please don’t become hardcore fans) but let’s keep support our idol at that show! Have a nice day~ Gbu ^^

First Episode will aired on 20 June 2015, at 5PM (KST)

MBC Channel


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